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Summer 2009 was storm-free and beautiful. Close to shore, the Gulf of Mexico was loaded with king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, bluefish and ladyfish. Near-shore structure held more big red snappers than we've seen in years, plus there were plenty of mangrove snappers and amberjacks in the mix. Our Pensacola Bay bottom-fishing spots provided dependable action on groupers, snappers, and flounder. Fly-fishing clients enjoyed excellent sight-fishing for redfish and trout on the inside flats. Huge schools of menhaden once again turned up in the Intracoastal Waterway attracting bull redfish, bluefish, and sharks. Here are photos from the 2009 summer season. For photos from previous seasons, check out these additional galleries: Spring 2009, Winter 2009, Fall 2008, Summer 2008, Spring 2008, Winter 2008, Fall 2007, Summer 2007, Spring 2007, Winter 2007, Fall 2006, Summer 2006, Spring 2006, Winter 2006, Spring 2005, Summer 2005, Fall 2005. Click on any of the small images below to see the full size photos. Use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Aaron Kerkhof "knows jack" after landing the first jack crevalle of the summer season on June 22.

Friends Harrison Sepulveda, Justin Schmidt, and Rita Yelverton needed some r&r on the afternoon of June 24. Here's Harrison with the first grouper of the day.
Arrgh mates! Justin Schmidt with a fine specimen released unharmed.
Rita joined the fun with a nice red snapper...also released.
Mal Mason and a delicious catch on a spectacular June 24 morning....eight miles from shore and glassy conditions.
Aaron Wilbanks and the catch of the day June 29. The inshore grouper bite remained strong all summer.
Anyone need a doormat? Ansley Bryan with a trophy flounder on June 30.
Nathan Kerr, Knoxville, TN, on July 7 with a hard-fighting Spanish mackerel on fly.
Sisters Olivia and Lauren Lynam on July 8 with a yummy mangrove snapper headed for the cooler.
It was nice of Lauren to let her dad Mike Lynam get in the picture with her king mackerel.
Bobby Lyon, Dallas, was fishing a 6wt July 9 when this king mackerel slammed his Clouser minnow. It's the biggest fish we've ever landed on a 6wt.
John Hart and Nathan Ruzumna had a ball with the big Spanish mackerel on July 11. Here's John with a typical catch.
Adam Wiggins and a lovely trout caught on the flats and released July 12.
Earlier in the day Adam was working a topwater "chug bug" through a school of menhaden when this redfish exploded on his plug.
The catch of the summer on fly goes to Atlanta's Josh English with this beautiful bull redfish on July 13. Josh was working a huge popper through a menhaden school when the redfish and jack crevalle arrived. This fish weighed over 25#, and Josh landed it on a Sage Xi2 12wt with a Tibor Gulfstream.

Here's a shot of the menhaden school exploding when the redfish and jacks found them. Double click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo. Look closely and you'll see the baitfish being knocked 3' in the air. It was a moment we'll never forget.

Hey, this fishing's not ALL work! Houston's Brad Cress taking a break July 15 after limiting out on red snappers.
Matt Wegener on July 16 with a hefty Spanish mackerel caught on fly.
This is another shot of Matt with his first redfish on fly. Nice job, Matt!
We were drifting big live baits over structure on July 20 when this fine amberjack hammered Kevin's offering. Capt Baz loses sixteen style points for not writing down Kevin's last name...
The father-son team of Jim and Matt Neal limited out July 25 on big red snappers. Matt put this first hog in the cooler.
Jim Neal followed suit with this beautiful red snapper.
Anthony Smith and Patrick Story after a double hookup on king mackerel in the 20# range. Uncle Anthony's fish broke off while Patrick battled his to the boat.
A proud Patrick Story with his impressive catch on July 25.
Jonathan Cleary showed his dad and uncle how it's done in Pensacola Pass on August 5.
Shawn Ray put the biggest red snapper snapper in the box on Aug 6.
After limiting out on snappers Aug 6 we encountered a rare whale shark. This gentle creature was about 25' long and swam so close to the boat that it actually rubbed against us once...a rather unnerving event. It was covered up with juvenile cobia which we caught on light tackle.
Bob Parker caught this legal cobia August 7 drifting a live cigar minnow through Pensacola Pass.
Jason Cloete from Zimbabwe on August 10 with his first redfish on fly.
Steve Nguyen brought son Nathan and sister Quyen down from Georgia for an offshore excursion August 11. Steve landed this king mackerel after the box was loaded with red snappers.
Here's Nathan with a fine specimen.
Quyen was slow-drifting a big cigar minnow when this fish grabbed it and made an unsuccessful run for the structure.
With this red snapper the Nguyens limited out and moved on to other species.
John Hood from Texas with a surprise catch while grouper fishing on a glassy-calm August 12 in Pensacola Bay. We released this king mackerel unharmed.
Pensacola's Jerry Aldridge took son-in-law Paul Elischer and grandson Victor bottom-fishing August 14, but you'll never find Jerry without his fly rod. This came in handy when we crossed paths with a whale shark loaded with juvenile cobia. This is Jerry's first cobia on fly.
Not to be outdone by Jerry, Paul Elischer landed another powerful little cobia on fly. Click on the photo and look at the size of the fish's tail relative to the rest of its body. That big tail generates a lot of power.
A proud Victor Elischer after battling this legal amberjack to the boat...and into the cooler.
Ken Michaels from New Jersey with a rare black grouper caught and released in Pensacola Bay on August 20. This beautifully marked fish measured 22" and is the first and only black grouper we've ever caught.
Roe Wilkinson, Shreveport, LA, and a bad-to-the-bone barracuda landed and released August 22.
Here's another shot of Roe Wilkinson with a king mackerel in the fifteen pound range.
Peter Petruzzi, Knoxville, TN, with a pretty slot-redfish landed and released on Aug 24. Check out the signature blue in this fish's tail.
Another photo of Peter with a typical bluefish caught along the edge of the Gulf off Johnson's Beach.
Steve Cotaya, Dallas, TX, was drifting live bait through Pensacola Pass August 27 for redfish and cobia when this monster red snapper grabbed his minnow. Snapper season closed August 15, so we released this lucky fish unharmed.
Richard Tatum on September 6 with a hard-fighting amberjack.
Double trouble. Richard White and Richard Tatum from Alabama's Jacksonville State University with a couple of amberjack victims on September 6.


Itís always a great day on the water with Gulf Breeze Guide Service!

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